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Unstoppable business leadership prowess for C-suite execs who are ready to outstrip their competition.

Meet Danusia

Meet the C-Suite Finishing School. (No uniform required.)

Straight-talking consulting to its core, my iconoclastic and leading-edge consulting & advisory approaches are zero B.S. and all heart. (And if it’s not for you, it’s for the execs you’ve grown to rely on.) By using a series of carefully created tools and principles to catalyze undeniably positive changes—not just on the financial report spreadsheet, but in your entire life-the guiding principle is this:

Compassionate Ruthlessness.

Clients retain my services to spur, shift, and shock them to a version of themselves that they’re proud to see looking back at them in the mirror. Not for the faint-hearted. Not for the close-minded. Not for the khaki slacks & slack-jawed gopher who’s fine with being fine.

I’m a big results consultant (and don’t say I didn’t warn you).

With a proven track record of results working with Boards and corporations, CEOs, media personalities, accomplished entrepreneurs and politicians, references are supplied in confidence upon receipt of application.

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Out of 150+ organizations,


of C-level execs don’t have an advisor to turn to for advice, guidance, or growth.

They lose an average of

14.5 hours

of sleep every week from second guessing their gut instincts.

And routinely spend


of their yearly revenue on second rate “leadership” know-nothings who waste time and dollars.

On the other hand, I’ve been the reigning authority on C-suiters for a full

16 years

That’s over

33,280 hours

of experience making the best leaders better.

Bottom line? I’ve saved, earned, and strategized

$27 million +

for past clients to date.



- January 13, 2021

@EricaJong joined me for a podcast episode ~ we talk bad women, sex, writing and more. 4 decades from Fear of Flying & she shakes the ground, still. https://t.co/WweJPkkMBq
h J R

- November 10, 2018

@manwhohasitall: "I love men. Both my brothers are men. But that doesn't mean I want them in the boardroom. Imagine the smell!" Beth, CEO.
h J R

- November 10, 2018

@CarolLewis101: Excellent event at @CouttsandCo last night chaired by @sarahsands100 - especially enjoyed sparring with @LucianCook about whether the world has fallen out of love with London property. We're both claiming victory https://t.co/9LvJ5vvZCu
h J R

- November 10, 2018

@Shediditherway: Mistakes don’t mean you’re a failure. It means you did something that didn’t work so you get to try again 💕 absolutely loved my time on @theinfluencemvmt podcast https://t.co/jY8AzaCcyf
h J R

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