Elevating leaders, influencing performance & overthrowing middle-of-the-road mediocrity for C-Level executives

Danusia is pronounced:


It’s about coming into your company and delivering bespoke programs and directions that solve problemsfrom increasing profits to creating powerful personal confidence, all with curated precision.  

Industry top-guns throw open their doors so I can influence the way they work & live, redirecting company energies, reigniting influence and reimagining leadership prowess, no matter the industry sector. When you play bigger, bigger commercial success is a given.

Specialties include:

  • Executive Development & Progression
  • Cultural Change and Adaptation Programs
  • Top Team and Board Regenerative Instruction
  • Observational Feedback for Boards and Senior Teams
  • Working With Blue Chip & Fortune 500 Clients

Not for the faint hearted, sniffling, small-game people who play it safe.

Danusia Malina-Derben corporate image

Our team

At DMD Global, it’s not just about the Founder – it’s about the DMD Team!

Our crew are top-notch consultants, rock stars in their own areas. From an award-winning psychotherapist to branding guru, marketing trailblazer to veteran team coach, DEI specialist to celebrated well-being advisor, we’ve got it all covered. The secret? They all happen to be women who’ve made it in their respective fields.

I make the best leaders better.

After quitting my role as a tenured business school career academic, my expertise propelled me gently into becoming what C-level execs and C-suiters call The Banksy of Boardrooms. My smart mouth is only overshadowed by my unprecedented battle strategies, and I’m here to deliver what’s possible.

What’s been possible for me?

For starters, I earned my PhD scholarship against rampant & tough competition, became an Economic and Social Research Council Fellow and rose to Professorial level as an Organizational Behavior and Development expert. Over the course of many years, I became a leadership model theoretician, publishing countless articles in top journals. I’m also a frequent recurring keynote speaker. Chairing an Oxford Union debate with Germaine Greer and Helena Morrissey on ‘Can you Have it All?’ was a notable moment and I’m a regular contributor on future business changes/trends, cultivating women’s leadership and the age old debate about women’s careers and family.

Speaking of family, I’m a mother of 10 — which should be one of many indicators that I’m a shameless overachiever. (Wink.) My book NOISE: A Manifesto Modernising Motherhood (Triumph Press, 2021) and SPUNK: A Manifesto Modernising Fatherhood (Triumph Press, 2022) are available here.

In addition to the corporate work I l-o-v-e, I keep my creative juices pumping strong by hosting a top 2% podcast, producing an award winning podcast, and writing here.

My confidential consultancy does not feature on socials. I’m active on LinkedIn.

Business gets better when you’re bold enough to go BIG.