This is where the big and bold come to beat out the rest.

You’re an entrepreneur ready to build an empire. 

I’m the woman on the side who sketches out your building plans.

You bring the vision and resources. I’ll bring the discreet, high-calibre methods and new strategies. Using a balance of Direction, Development, Support & Accountability, you’ll experience the kind of business growth you’ve barely even dared to dream about. Consider me your straight-shooting mirror that’ll evaluate where you’re at, and where your business can go.

And then the world will fall to its knees.

Danusia Malina-Derben entrepreneur image NYC skyline

The Shakedown:

  • A completely unique, co-designed bespoke package, befitting of you.
  • Intensive, all-seeing diagnostics so you’re understood from the start.
  • No-holds-barred truth and honesty built from years of working with people who have been in your shoes (and behind your    desk).
  • Ultimate mission clarity.
  • A feisty advocate, in your corner & on call.
  • Defined one-on-one calls/meetings structured around tools and processes tailored to you.
  • Defined and deliverable tasks.
  • Unlimited advisory email support.
  • Access to the best sounding board in the business.

Note: not for the faint hearted, sniffling, small-game people who play it safe.

Prefer a kick up the ass, condensed into one straight-talking hour?

These dynamite sessions give you the vision you need to make the unbelievable achievable.


  • A pre-call intake,
  • One-hour conference call (recorded and sent to you), and a
  • Follow-up email to hold you accountable for progress.
Business gets better when you’re bold enough to go big.