Don’t just walk the walk. Talk the talk.

Working, speaking and serving corporate heavy weights and creative entrepreneurs, my wealth of knowledge about what it takes to be an elite leader has made me a respected and influential speaker. I see the inner machinations. I see the inside corridor of power. And I see the unseen at the very, very top.


It’s no mystery that I frequently advise the most male of the male, those testosterone-driven top dogs with egos large enough they could start their own Fortune 500s. That said, I’m also living a feminine-focused life as a mother of ten.

My advantage? Applying female perspectives to deep male insights, culminating in exact directives on how to be the best of the best in business.

Danusia Malina-Derben speaking Hogan Lovells LLP

Danusia is happy to design a custom experience for your event if required, including workshops, however sample keynote and working session topics regularly include:

  • Power: Men and Women at the Top
  • Unstoppable Leadership Skills
  • Careers & Motherhood
  • Authenticity & the Bottom Line in Corporations 

“Danusia turns you inside out and upside down and leaves you begging for more”

R. Lieberman


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