Business is a battleground.

Can you overthrow your opponents?

Over the past 20 years, I’ve carved out a high-profile career across the globe working with even higher profile clients. The industry top dogs. The game changers. The thought leaders. Big rollers who have the insatiable hunger for actively reinventing the future of better business.

I get the pressure. I know about the isolation you face and responsibilities heaped on your shoulders. But with an intentional, strategic mindset, killer experience, and a reputation around the world, I’m about to become the bitter pill you love to swallow.

This means:


  • Harnessing and leveraging leadership in a Board group to full throttle capacity, evolving the talents that push chairmen of the charts.
  • Settling the brawls among top teams who’re reaching for those alpha spots.
  • Equipping female executives with unapologetic, unstoppable leadership skills.
  • Integrating new C-suite high-rollers into current company cultures, using their unique perspectives to push projects forward.
  • Keeping senior executives who’re a retention risk right where they belong – at the top of your company.
  • Developing top talent to be leaders who stand, command and demand attention.

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When you’re firing on all cylinders, success stops being gruelling and starts being a given.